Profit Management.

If you are not with a registered I.D and you are not a registered member therefore you are impersonating.


P.M Manuscript

Start with one to many.

Think BIG but start SMALL

P.M Manuscript

P.M, A Family Business
By Love
To Maintain The Purpose of Education And Provide For Our Basic Needs In Order To Sustain Life.

You are free to call IEEC Business on 08187806220 for enquiry;
1. Consultancy.
2. Hardware installation.
3. Electric wiring; surface and conduit, for home and office.
4. Peripheral and Memory devices.
IEEC Business registered under the rules and law
of the federal republic of Nigeria and
with the Cooperates Affairs Commission, Reg. No, BN2339312 | CRBN467733.
Profession: An internet business consultant, a web designer, a graphics designer, an entrepreneur.
: The light to succeed.

Features of P.M
An account
Income alternative in case of emergency.
A substitute to replace for your lose in marketing.
Self employment.
Get Interest for CAPITAL to start up a business
To keep the idea of education.
To give meaning to education.
To encourage the reason of education.
To attain income for Soccer Bet.

For creating awareness P.M Member get P:365.00 PRM if New Client registers on P.M.
To make FORM purchase in quantity, client need to subscribe for e-form
Clients also get paid if he or she have an access with us: Registered.
if client purchase FORM, payment of 12% or 20% will be added to his account
  for every forms used on subscription
FORM are bound to be discard or wasted on used, therefore avoid miss use
if you prefer IEEC PM-FORMS to fill manually please come to our office
number to call:: 0818 780 6220

: Hope for the future.


OFFER: As a Consultant, one time application to one person is needed to get an instant interest with an ID. You need to apply only one person.

CODE ID: This is a secure identity in Profit Management to track every member, clients and customers. You must register to get Code ID.

CONSULTANT: To be a Consultant is to register as a PARCEL PERSONNEL. This is similar to Operational Coordinator.
For PARCEL Registration get online helpdesk.

INVEST: You can continue operation, to capitalize an amount to generate 15% profit interest.

Operating on Share Exchange (SHAREX) is to be a member of Profit Management and you will get a welcome interest credited to your account.
After introducing to clients you get another percentage increase credited to your account.
Register as member of Profit Management is a business of Buying a Seal for marketing and managing an Office or Purchasing a Portfolio.
To Profit from this business you need your Portfolio to introduce for better conviction, or get some Share Exchange Form for N2000 and above.
Also in P.M you don't always need to go about introducing to people, that's why our Market Department is there to handle that for you with policy.

The point here is 15% every months if u invest.

(a). Invest once earns 15% | duration; 3month.
(b). Invest every month earns 15%.
(c). Purpose: you can only Invest.
(d). Optional: you can choose to Refer (Become a Registrar).
At the end of the month you get your Capital +plus your interest.

And refer is $1.00, 12% or 20% Bonus for subscribing new members, depending on your Investment Plan.

Refer, (Become a Registrar): is a system of working as a Staff of this Business as an Operational Coordinator whereby your Salaries are termed as "work as you earn".

Three forms of Subscription Plan:
1. Clients (Official Acceptance).
2. Parcel Personnel.
3. Portfolio Holder.

Salary Earnings on Refers, Becoming a Registrar:
(i). Work as a Clients you get $1.00 Bonus
(ii). Operate as a Parcel personnel you earn 12% Bonus
(iii). Manage as a Portfolio Holder you earn 20% Bonus.
while you work to get your Salary you "work as you earn" to invite, Becoming a Registrar.

Note: You must understand all processes before you can choose to subscribe as Portfolio Holder.

As a Staff of this business you will be upgrading in PM Level, moving from one stage to another.
As you become a recognized Staff you'll be issued an ID Card.

Profit Management (P.M) Level:
Level 1. Starter as registered member: Personnel.
Level 2. Team Leader
Level 3. Marketing Department.
Level 4. Manager.
Level 5. Administrators.
IEEC Official Directors.

Security ID: this is what matters in this business.
All client, Members, Staffs and Personnel in PM must have a Code ID; this is use to track all members Names and logs in PM[SHAREX].

Apply →To get Investment ID / Code ID.
Official Acceptance. N.1000.
This operation is with marketing department.

Registered →Code ID. N.3000.
This operation is under PM department.

Portfolio's →ID Card. N.8000.
This operation is within the Administration.

To get a Code ID under profit Management you can make a choice;
1. Register with 1000 get an advantage to invest to earn 15% interest monthly.
2. Register with 3000 get a welcome profit of 500prm.
3. Register with 8000 get a welcome profit of 1000prm.

Secured Business.

PROFIT MANAGEMENT is a similar Financial Networking business own by wayzconcept. a creative idealist based on IEEC Business.
Km 20, badagry express way Lagos state opposite Lasu gate at SEGMAN NIG. ENTERPRISES.
In no way this business should be copy or claim by any associates.
Operating on Share Exchange in P.M' without proper identification will lead to severe punishment, be warned.
One who try to take this business Name, Logo, Pattern or Forms identically, also its content and all, initiating it as a owner or in the manner of fraud will be sanctioned by the Police Authority and other means necessary.

Information: Please we have to inform you to avoid unnecessary procedure that PM-Office is on transform, but you can visit a helpdesk.

Management is a business platform to reduce unemployment.
P.M is a project forwarded to an industry, Nigerian citizen and business minded people to reduce unemployment for job opportunity.

Shares Exchange: A business for Office (Management).
A means of getting income to settle some inadequate resources and a form of saving, sharing and Marketing, even if you're not working, but having a source in getting little token, it will help you to achieve.

Operating on P.M is to become a Member and you are Welcome with a profit in your account, Share your views to other clients, family and friends. By doing so you get to increase your income rate.

Every other details on Profit Management is in the Seal' given to you when registered.


Profit Management will like to extend their hands to other interested individuals who find it useful so bear with us we are undergoing some serious upgrade.

 Profit Management property of IEEC Business By Wayzconcept.