Do you Love to SING Live on Stage for crowd to cheer you up?.

It's FUN!. Come join "One MIC"- Music Concert" if you Can Sing, Rap, Mime or Dance, here you can find promotion, we also do Free Audio SELECTIONS to include your Track in the list for most Dj's mix tape to play.







For Artists 

We throw free Advertise, Support and Encourage Artist who are seeking for an opportunity to archive their Dreams. Comedians are free to apply.

 Profile: code: MS002

1. Full Name.

2. Stage Name.

3. Country.

4. Date of birth.

5. Gender.

6. Email.

7. Phone No.

8. Passport: you can send a snapped shot of your recent photo pictures on DEMO (musical) through phone.

9. State.

10. Your Location presently

11.Occupation: identify if you are A STUDENT / TRADER / G.C.E / JAM BITE / SELF EMPLOY / OTHERS


Private Log id:
  login to upload your Music content. POLICY

Not abiding to our terms and condition will cost you dearly.

Warning!: it is not guarantee to use this platform any how you wanted you might be terminated at any time while uploading or reloading.

Carefully you should read and follow instruction while uploading

Files type allowed to upload are; IMAGES and AUDIO Files.

File size allowed to upload is about 4Mb.

It is necessary to make withdraws when due.

Payment Collection Code is an account identity to receive your money.
And to request for your money you must provide your Pay code.

When due to receive income and you fail to comply, late errors are apply.

There are PENALTY attach to this:
Flowing the rules, you most not upload more than 2 files.
clicking files as to do test download is not allow.
Also this may lead to termination or lose of files.

Application is now free to Access.

For quick responds use Access FORM or apply here.
You can send your profile list details to 08027617610. or login to www.facebook.com or click here
Fortifyaccess page or Onemic.net FM then you can comment on any topic or ask questions and also upload your Profile and photo.
For enquiry Contact us 

Once you've being accessed you will be called for live performance.
You will get paid if you convince some one to apply, some percentage income will be sent to your Account ..details on How


Why Applying.
To be alerted for any concert hosted and for live performance.
▪ free call to every show.
▪ To participate in an hosted event.
▪ To promote your music track across other areas of your zone.
If you Can Sing, Rap, Mime or Dance, here you can find promotion.

Underground RAP!  count down chat:
participants are required to upload!