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Code ID: FB001 You want to be known International - You want to be part of a FOOTBALL TEAM - You want to join foreign club. - Now you have a chance to be part this Famous opportunity.

More Tournament are on the Way! Coca cola, Pepsi, Guinness, Mtn, Glo, Football Academy.

Requirement >>
*Get your pics/ passport
*And your Identity + Criteria
Send your Profile for  Inspection to get Access.
When you pass the test you will be called to join a TEAM for trainings and play real match before any Tournament   ..Agree sign up HERE.   

MUSIC Do you Love to SING Live on Stage for crowd to cheer you up?.
Code ID: MS002

It's FUN!. Come join "One MIC"- Music Concert" if you Can Sing, Rap, Mime or Dance, here you can find promotion, we also do Free Audio SELECTIONS to include your Track in the list for most Dj's mix tape to play.
We throw free Adverts, Support and Encourage Artist who are seeking for an opportunity to archive their Dreams. Comedians are free to
apply. Enter Here

NETWORKING Affiliate Program.
Using this Directory any other than it purpose you will be penalize by the Authority.
Before you Proceed read our
Dj's into MUSIC Dj's into MUSIC can you do some mix-up in parties?
Code ID: DJ007

Make yourself available in musical Event advertise yourself Here to be called to every shows

OTHER Games Olympics Training
Code ID: OLMP4 Join the Training Exercise and be shuffled among Teams of the upcoming Olympic Games; Table tennis, Volleyball, Marathon race, 100m Male & Female, you are free to apply.
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